Practice Tests, Econ I & II

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Below are links to practice tests forĀ Principles of Economics I (ECN-101) & Principles of Economics II (ECN-101). Please scroll down for Principles of Economics II. Use the menu on the right for additional pages Managerial Economics, Labor Economics, or for Extra Credit and Alerts.

Practice Tests for Principles of Economics I

The following review sheets and practice tests are to be printed and completed before each review day. The answers will be discussed in class on the scheduled days. The links will only be available on a need-to-access basis. Announcements will be made in class.

Click Here for Condensed Notes for Test 1

Practice Test #1: ECO1 REV1

Answers to Test #1: ECO1 REV1 – Answers

Practice Test #2: ECO1 REV2

Answers to Test #2: ECO1 REV2 – Answers

Practice Test #3: ECO1 REV3

Answers to Test #3: ECO1 REV3 – Answers

Practice Test #4: ECO1 REV4

Answers to Test #4: ECO1 REV4 -Answers

Practice Tests for Principles of Economics II


Click Here for Condensed Notes for Test

Practice Test #1: ECO2 REV1

Answers to Test #1: ECO2 REV1 – Answers

Practice Test #2: ECO2 REV2

Answers to Test #2: ECO2 REV2 – Answers

Practice Test #3: ECO2 REV3

Answers to Test #3: ECO2 REV3 – Answers

Practice Test #4: ECO2 REV4

Answers to Test #4: ECO2 REV4 – Answers

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