Major Economists


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Many economist throughout history have altered the course of life for us. Amongst them, are a few who truly stand out.  In no particular order, they are listed below.

1. Impish and living life as an insouciant does not begin to articulate the incredible John Maynard Keynes.

2. Joan Robinson (1903 – 1983)A woman who was dynamic enough to change her mind, mindful enough to change the world.

3. Do you know of Karl Marx? John Paul II is said to have had a vision from the Madonna that ordered him to destroy communism.

4. Reserved, a loner who preferred his own company, Adam Smith was a deep thinker. The Father of Economics, Adam Smith wrote of free enterprise and of laissez-faire, limited government intervention.

5. Alfred Marshall was a torrent force in British economics for 34 years, until his death in 1924. An anchor to neoclassic economists, he was especially influential in the lives of two of his most famous students: John Maynard Keynes and Joan Robinson.

6. Following in the footsteps of his teacher and mentor, Alfred Marshall, Arthur Cecil Pigou gained notoriety by highlighting social welfare as an essential component of economics.

7. David Hume, the esteemed friend of Adam Smith, was of such high mental caliber that his contributions are not only in the realm of philosophy, but also in the domain of economics.

8. Like a sharp chisel, David Ricardo sculpted the 19th century into a new world. One of 17 children, David Ricardo seeped from a line of Iberian Jews, who after a stay in Holland, immigrated to England in 1772.

9. Basing his entire economics philosophies on the notion that people are motivated deliberately and mostly by desire and self-serving means, Ludwig Von Mises was, arguably, the pinnacle of the world of business and economics.

10. Milton Friedman was a monetarist. Monetarists are economists who believe that the major economic objectives of high and sustained economic growth, high employment, and low inflation can be achieved by manipulating the money supply.

11. “My real interests are research and teaching,” said Paul Samuelson, a diversified, modern economist whose work in economics straddles a rainbow of topics. From modern welfare economics, linear programming, Keynesian economics, economic dynamics, international trade theory, logic choice and maximization.

12. One of the most domineering and insightful economists of the 20th century, Friedrich Von Hayek, was responsible for such epic economic changes as inspiring Margaret Thatcher to end socialism in Great Britain and President Reagan to reverse rapid inflation and high unemployment in the United States.

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