With sunsets painted violet and cantaloupe, oozing gold on the surface of the Mediterranean, I wrote poems I could not spell. I was six years old, living in Lebanon, and knew that I loved the smell of freshly sharpened pencils almost as much as I loved inhaling the sea. Many a morning, I bathed in the poetry of the sea, walked on its sandy canvas, but it was the Mediterranean that left its footprints in my heart.

In the fast moving sands of adulthood, my footprints disappeared, but my path was ever clear.  The East may have been my father, but the West had become my mother. Here in the US, I grew massive wings.

After beginning graduate school at the age of twenty, I then started my own consulting business. Three years later, I sold my small firm and accepted a position at American International College, teaching economics, marketing, and later humanities too. My efforts were granted the Faculty of the Year Award in 2000. Through my other college, Springfield Technical Community College, I was recognized by Who’s Who of America’s Teachers twice (2004 & 2005).

I love my students. They are the blooms in my gardens. Because of them, I bask in a fascinating and dynamic career. For my books and for my spirit, I travel regularly and extensively, immersing my senses in the textured lives of others. By stitching concepts together, I learn, but more importantly, I get to quilt my life. Thank you for allowing me to raise a lantern of education and knowledge for you during those weeks you are with me. By holding a light for you, I illuminate my own way. For that, I am deeply grateful.

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